Accessorize To Show YOUR Personal Style

I have always LOVED clothes and accessories. Some of my earliest Christmas memories are being so excited to open up new clothes, shoes and accessories in my favorite silver Nordstrom boxes from my grandma. I remember my brother and cousins looking at me confused while they opened toys just not understanding why I was so excited! I guess loving fashion is just part of who I am. But even if you dread picking out what to wear, you probably still want to look and feel your best! I hope I can help with a few tips to make that a little easier.

If you are feeling a little lost, I totally understand my taste has definitely evolved over the years… thank goodness. But today, as I tackle the last year in my 30’s I feel 100 percent confident in my style, in taking fashion risks, and in dressing for my body as it is right now, not ten pounds from now, and trusting my gut when it comes to accessorizing.
I’ve tried to fit into trends or styles and failed miserably looking back. Let’s just say I’m very glad social media wasn’t around in my teens and early 20’s, but trying and FAILING is part of finding your style!!
Today, I know I prefer to mix hard and soft details and love to add an unexpected twist with an accessory to make the outfit my own. For example, a feminine dress with a menswear inspired blazer or moto boots, and then a statement necklace or earring and pop of color on my lips feels like ME. It may seem like an odd mix, but there is thought behind how all those pieces don’t necessarily “match” but how they go together and create a great UNIQUE look. That’s always my goal, I want to be 100 percent unapologetically ME and I hope you do too!

It’s a big part of why I created Love Lindsey’s Extras, my accessory line. I want to help do the work for you, by designing and hand picking unique pieces to help you find and express your unique personal style.

I love when people say, “I never would have thought to put those things together, but it looks great!” The safe bet is to wear all black or dark colors, no wild prints, no interesting accessory. But life is too short to wear boring clothes or accessories! If your clothes don’t make you excited to get dressed, change it up and add some great accessories to spice up even the most basic outfit. I love to take a dress or an outfit and make it my own with how I put it all together in the finished "look". I don't want to look like "everyone else", we are all beautiful and different and I think your style should reflect that. We can all wear the same dress, but look completely different if we have the confidence to let our personal style shine!

Here are my tips:


What does that mean? If everything is smooth and flat, it probably isn’t very interesting or unique. Take the classic little black dress, it's chic and has been around for decades because it works. But if you have worn that dress to every wedding, funeral and work function that has come up for the last 5 years it becomes boring. That’s where accessories come in. And it's not about spending lots of money!! A basic tee is taken to a new level by simply adding this necklace. It has shine in the metals, texture in the chain, and bead detail. It adds contrast to the look because it stands out. One accessory completely changes the look and adds more bang for your buck to that tee, because you now have a new way to wear it!



Belts are such a great styling tool. You can create shape or camouflage areas depending on where you place it and how wide the belt is. This is a pencil dress with a basic black shawl, but adding this great belt not only defines my waist making, it also added the texture, shine and contrast we talked about before! Try belting at your natural waistline, this is higher than you are probably accustomed to but it is your smallest place. I also love using skinny belts to create shape, you can always blouse the fabric above for another look as well. Wide stretch belts are add shape as well as color and texture. I love that you get the structure of the buckle in front, but the versatility and comfort of the stretch material in the back.



Most of us want to be taller and thinner, right? Listen friends, I am not getting any taller it’s just not in my DNA, thanks Mom and Dad! In fact, I’m probably now shrinking and I really like snacks! Being healthy and active is a huge priority for me, but I’m all about loving the body I have RIGHT NOW not worrying about the number on the scale. So my signature look has become a long tassel necklace. I love to wear it with any outfit. It draws the eye down, elongating your shape, and helps to create that long lean silhouette. The smooth beads and contrast of the suede add texture and contrast as well. It’s amazing how adding that one thing completely changes an outfit. 



Finally, for me color is KEY! I know that I basically just said a dirty word to many of you ;) YES, there is life beyond black and gray! I won’t take away your dark neutrals, but I challenge you to add some interest to those classic pieces with a pop of color. That black dress or white tee instantly stands out with a great chunky turquoise necklace, that adds color and texture. Also, a basic navy top and jeans has new life with a coral statement necklace and scarf. These are easy additions that make a big impact.


Don’t be scared of accessories. They are the EXTRA, or cherry on top, of any great outfit and how I really show my personal style each day! I hope you will have fun with fashion, don’t overthink it, and take a few risks to figure out your own unique look. Once you do, the opportunities to express yourself are ENDLESS! Check out my NEW ARRIVALS each week HERE!

Happy Accessorizing Loves!

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