Big, Wavy Hair Tutorial

Sometimes you just need to shake it up a bit and if you can do that without doing anything too drastic that you might regret later, like cutting your own bangs or dying your hair at home.. yep I’ve done those 😬 then that’s a win in my book! This trick is easy, quick and will leave you with no long term regrets! For me, changing my hair with a new tool or temporary style is a great pick me up and the perfect fix to get out of a styling rut!

For months now I’ve been using this one simple tool to make an easy, dramatic change! You all asked for a video, so here goes. It could not be easier and I have no doubt you can recreate this bigger than life look too!

I hope the tutorial is helpful, be sure to tag me when you try it! I can’t wait to see what looks you recreate with this fun affordable tool! All the products I used are linked below.


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