How To Find Your "Why"


Finding your “why” ??? Have you heard someone say that and wonder what in the heck they are talking about? Same here, until a few years ago I thought it was “silly self help nonsense” then I read the book Start With Why, by Simon Sinek and I saw how silly I had been.

I quickly realized that the motivation and drive no matter how bad I wanted a personal or professional goal would eventually fade, life would inevitably get in the way and derail my efforts if I didn’t have a deeper connection to “why”. Getting out of my own way and finding that focus changed my perspective, my business and my future!

If you are struggling with staying consistent or motivated, chances are you don’t know your “why” that was 100 percent the case for me. Once that “why” was laser focused, why I was getting up early and putting in the work even when it felt like it wasn’t working or wasn’t working fast enough, I stayed the course! When you “why” is stronger than your excuses you won’t quit on yourself or your dreams!

What’s your “why”, why do you get up each day and do the work to change your future? I want to cheer you on!!

You are capable of incredible things, but you can’t quit on yourself! Take the time to really find your “why” I believe it makes a difference, I know it did for me and I want the same for YOU!