Introducing Love Lindsey Beauty

My relationship with makeup is a love affair that is a serious and long running romance.

One of my earliest memories as a little girl was getting into my mom’s stash of makeup under the sink. I remember like it was yesterday, pulling out the HUGE, colorful, Borghese pallet with all the 80’s bold colors and being mesmerized! I don’t think my mom even used it, she probably got it as a free gift, but I thought it was the coolest thing I had ever seen!

By the time 7th grade rolled around and I got to finally wear clear mascara and lip gloss to school, I felt like I had arrived! By high school my mom trusted me enough to let me choose my makeup and it was almost as freeing as getting my driver’s license! This was before YouTube and beauty bloggers, I know I’m dating myself but it’s true, so I spent my money on books! Living in small town Idaho, I’m sure I raised some eyebrows trying to recreate all the looks in Kevin Aucoin’s books! Dramatic, smokey eyes on a teenager looked more like I’d been in a fight and I cringe thinking back on some of those looks, but at the time I thought it was so grown up and sophisticated. Evidently I got better, because soon I was doing my friend’s makeup for dances, big events, and even a few weddings!

After college I got a job as a TV reporter and was introduced to MAC, the brand worn by most of my co workers. I spent my weekends off and all of my small paychecks in those beautiful mall stores where the girls wore all black and were so cool and I justified it all as a necessary “work expense”. At work I was lucky enough to have my makeup done often by talented makeup artists. During ratings periods, or “sweeps” as they are called in TV, I would always ask a million questions and pick their brains about colors, brands, techniques, and tools! Their tips and expertise were priceless and I still use them to this day!

As a mom I used that love of makeup and those techniques to fake a more rested look after getting little sleep, or I would apply a bold lip even just around the house to feel more like “myself” - even when I was drowning in mom life and not sure I was doing anything right!

Makeup has always been an instant mood boost for me! I go many days without a drop of makeup and I don’t think anyone needs it, you are beautiful just the way you are!! But it’s always been nice to have products that I love and know I can use them whenever I want to change it up! I love to use makeup to express myself, complete a new look, or just boost my mood on any random tough day!!

For me, makeup is a quick transformation, to help the outside match my inside!

  • - Need a little confidence? A bold lip makes me feel ready for whatever life throws my way!
    - Need a little extra pep in my step or to turn around a rough morning? A little sparkle on my eyes always does the trick!

I believe makeup should be a fun, easy way to express your style and enhance the beauty you already have.

That’s why I created Love Lindsey Beauty! These are high quality, affordable products for eyes, lips, and cheeks that are easy to apply but work for both the makeup newbie or the glam expert alike! This has been a labor of love and I’m so excited to finally share these products and tools with YOU!!

Starting today, I’m going to show you each week not not only how I wear these products, but how you can easily create countless looks with them to really get a lot of bang for your beauty buck! From easy, everyday, 5-minute makeup routines to full on glam for a big event, these are the colors I’ve been wearing exclusively for months that you all have been asking about and NOW they can finally be yours too!! I know you are going to love being able to grab these same products and have fun experimenting with new looks!

Thank you for being a part of this community and making this dream of mine become a reality! These items are made in small batches and will likely sell out quickly, so be sure to grab yours now so you don’t have to wait for a restock! Also, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and YouTube for lots more product videos and tutorials and comment below a look you’d like to see me create!! Tag me @love.Lindsey.wheeler on Instagram and Love Lindsey Wheeler on Facebook when you get your items, I can’t wait to see you enjoying them.

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