Love Lindsey Luxury Longwear Lashes : FAQ’s , Plus, How To Apply and Remove


We are so excited to finally release our latest Love Lindsey Beauty product, our incredible Luxury Longwear Lash System! You are shop the bundle set HERE and the refill lashes HERE !

Lightweight, so comfortable you'll forget you are wearing them, easy to apply, so many different looks are possible from subtle to dramatic in just one set and the value is incredible!!!

Once you get the hang of this application, you'll be a fan too! So let's walk through some questions I'm sure you have!

Frequently Asked Questions:

* I'm allergic to lash extensions will these work for me?

While each person is unique, I personally had to stop wearing professional salon lash extension because I developed a severe allergic reaction after a year of use. It’s why I created our magnetic lashes and am so excited to share this new system!!

My eyes are super sensitive and I have had ZERO ISSUES with this bond, sealant or the lash clusters! 

Our products do not contain any cyanoacrylate, often the reason for allergies and reactions with traditional lash extensions.

* Are Love Lindsey Luxury Longwear Lashes waterproof?

The system is water resistant. You can easily shower and exercise while wearing them, but we recommend waiting 24 hours before wetting them so the bond can fully cure. Be aware steam will loosen the lashes and the bond.

* Are they easy to apply?

This under lash application will be new to most people, but I promise with just a little practice, and our tips below it’s super easy to use!! And everything you need is in the set so you'll be a pro in no time!

* Can the lashes be reused?

Flirty and Fierce, our custom lash segments were created to be a weightless, damage free, at home lash option!  

After several uses the lash band at the base of each segment will slowly weaken to prevent damage to your natural lashes.

But you can easily remove, clean off any bond with our remover or makeup remover, allow to dry and reuse. 

* How long do they last?

You can apply and remove daily, or wear for up to 10 days! Its totally up to you and your lifestyle!  



  1. Do not apply lash clusters too close to the lash line. Leave a small space, just enough to see the base of your natural lash, between your waterline and the lash segment. This keeps your natural lash strong and healthy and allows the lash extension to bond to a dry surface and last longer. 
  2. Do not use too much bond. It can make the lashes clump and not fully dry or bond properly.
  3. Do not fuse, or press the lash clusters and your lashes together too hard. You want to just join lightly enough where the arms of the wand touch each other, or just use your fingers to press them together. This creates the seal without damaging your natural lashes. 
  4. The drier you keep your lashes the longer they will last. In order to avoid getting too much water on your lashes when showering, wash your face first with a cloth or face brush wiping away the dirt and makeup instead of splashing water on your face. We love these clothes, lined HERE.
  5. Use a spoolie. I use them often. They are great to make sure my lashes are clean before applying the clusters.  I use one in the morning to separate and tame my lashes after sleeping.  And, I also use a spoolie with the remover when I am ready to remove them. You can get a great bundle for a few dollars  HERE .


OK so you are ready to apply!!! Let's get started!!! 


Your eye area should be completely free of makeup and any other kind of skincare product. Your lashes and lids should be free of oils to ensure that the bond will properly adhere. 


1. Apply a light coat to the underside of your natural lashes, focusing just above the roots. Avoid brushing all the way to the tips to prevent clumping of your natural lashes. Work your way from the inner edge to the middle part and then the outer edge. And then wait 30 seconds to one minute. Give yourself time to do a section without rushing and worrying about the bond drying too fast while you are learning, just add bond to a small area, allow to get tacky, add a segment then repeat.

I love this handheld fan to help speed up the drying time, fan linked HERE.

If your lashes look overly wet, you probably applied too much bond. Use your fingertip or a clean mascara spoolie to dab off the excess bond.

2. Apply another coat, this time concentrating just above the roots of your lashes. Wait 30 seconds to one minute. 

The bond has to be tacky so the lashes will fuse better with your natural lashes.


1. Once the bond has dried and becomes tacky, gently remove the lash segments from the package with your fingertips. 

You’ll know that the bond has become tacky when you flutter your eyelashes and they feel sticky.

2. Start applying the clusters on the underside of your natural lashes. I love to use a tweezer to hold the lash and apply, but just play around with what feels most comfortable. For the most natural look, we recommend starting a quarter of the way in from the inner edge working your way to the outer edge.

3. The edge of the lash segments should be applied 1mm to 2mm above the waterline. The roots of your natural eyelashes should still be visible. This will allow your natural eyelashes to continue growing even while you’re wearing our Luxury Lashes. 

We  avoid the waterline when applying the cluster lash segments, because it's wet and won't bond properly. If the lash feels uncomfortable, they are too low, just move them up a bit. You should forget they are there!! Lightweight and so comfortable!!

if you are having trouble with the cluster sticking to your lash out a tiny bit of the bond on the band or bottom of the cluster, the bond will stick to the bond at the base of your lash to help with placement! 

Remember you can wear all 5 segments on each eye for a dramatic look, you can even overlap for an extra full effect, or you can wear just one or two segments on the outer corner for a flirty subtle look! So many possible options, and we'll show you a bunch over the coming weeks! 


Once you’re happy with the placement of your lashes, you can start joining. Use the curved end of the wand to follow the curvature of the eyelid from the outer corner to the bridge of the nose and press down to “join” the lash clusters to your natural lashes. You can also use the curved end of the wand, facing backwards, to press together individual lashes.. whatever is most comfortable for you

Finally, for longwear use you will finish with the sealant.  Make sure the bond is fully dry, no longer tacky and the lash segments and your lashes are joined, or pressed together, then apply a light coat of the sealant on the underside of the cluster lashes you just applied, focusing on the roots or base of the lash segments roots and quickly swiping up. Less is more!! 

And that's it! Checkout your amazing new lashes!!! The key is have fun, put them on and take them off until you are super comfortable with the application tool, placement, the bond, sealant and the remover. Which is so easy to use, no damage, pain or appointment just apply to the underside and back of the lashes allow to sit for a few minutes as it breaks down the bond and gently lift the lash clusters to remove.  You can then rinse and reuse, or grab a set of our refills and create even more looks! 

The bond, sealant and remover in your initial set will last dozens of applications! 

Enjoy, I cannot wait to see all the gorgeous looks you create with our Love Lindsey Luxury Longwear Lash System!

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