Magnetic Lashes : Tips & Tricks For Gorgeous Lashes


Fun, full and flirty lashes, that’s the goal for must of us. But after a year eyelash extensions and dozens of appointments and fills I developed  an allergic reaction to the extensions and glue.

I thought my days of easy, dramatic lashes were over, but we worked hard to create a solution anyone can use. Love Lindsey Luxury Magnetic Lashes!!

These vegan, cruelty free, faux mink lashes are lightweight, easy to apply and now come with an updated six magnets, and extra magnet to hold all day! 

If you want a subtle lash to add some fullness, or a dramatic lash for full drama I can help! With a few easy tips and tricks you will be a pro in no time! Wether you want to wear these daily, each lash can be reused up to 30 times, or just have in your beauty arsenal for those fun special occasions, these lashes are meant to be for everyone! 

✨ Tips & Tricks: How To Easily Apply Magnetic Lashes ✨ 


So how do you apply?

First step, pick a lash and hold it up to your eye! The inside corner is always slightly tapered for a more natural effect. Depending on your eye size and shape, you may want to to trim the lash to custom fit your eye! I find that I like to line up the inside lash about 1/4 of the way in, so I trim off the last magnet as close as possible to the 5th magnet. It’s why I added the 6th magnet to our latest lashes so even if you trim you still have 5 magnets to hold in place all day. 

Next is liner. Our custom magnetic liner is designer to be the perfect compliment to our lashes. With the liner it it’s takes a little practice, but less is more. I wipe the excess magnetic liner on the edge of the tube and start with a thin line as close to my natural lash line as possible just like a pencil eye liner. Then go back over with a second coat to make sure you have a good solid line for the lash to attach. 

The next step is key! Now wait a full 3 minutes for the liner to fully dry to you can get the best bond! Don’t rush this step, I tried to just throw on lashes the other day because I was running late and didn’t wait for the liner to dry and I was halfway though lunch with a girlfriend and had the inner corner lifting … not the lashes fault it was all me! So learn from my lack of patience, let the liner fully dry, dry to the touch before attaching your lash this will also keep the liner from transferring to the lash and magnets and will mean you get even more wears out of each set. 

Once fully dry, I take the trimmed lash and bend it a few times in the shape of my eye to ensure a good fit. Now take that tapered inner corner of the lash, line it up with wear you want the lash to start and touch it to the liner, the magnets and liner will seal and then use the lash tool or your fingers to line up the outer corner. I also go along the lash line and lightly press the lash into the liner so it’s sealed the full length of the lash. 

And that’s it!! Full, fun, flirty lashes in just a few minutes! As the end of the day to remove, carefully lift the outer corner of the magnetic lash at the base and lightly pull down to release.

To remove the magnetic liner, I love a good oil or balm based cleanser, I use this Zero cleanser from Amazon on my face each night and love it! It removes my makeup and the liner easily and leave any face feeling amazing  ❤️


If you wear glasses or want a more subtle look you and also trim the length of the lashes, or try just half a lash. Instead of trimming one magnet off the end, cut in half and use the half just on the outer edge for a subtle cat eye effect! You can also save the pieces you trim and use as individual lash chunks to add subtle fullness and length.


Remember the cases have a magnetic strip so they make great storage and travel cases too. Once you remove the lashes use a q tip or makeup wipe to lightly cleans the magnets and then store them in their curved case so they are ready for the next use! 

I hope you love your lashes and have fun creating new looks! Tag me @love.Lindsey.wheeler when you use them! I can’t wait to see all your beautiful faces ❤️


** Lash feel uncomfortable or poking ? That means they are too long, trim them a bit smaller for a better fit for your eye.

** Lash is lifting from the liner ? Remove the lash and apply another coat of liner. Remember to let it dry all the way.. 2-3 minutes. You don’t need a super thick line.. just a line as wide as the magnets to get a good seal. 

I hope that helps! If you have any questions don’t hesitate, I’m always here to help! I’m no makeup expert, I just love playing with new looks and I know if I can do it… you can too! You can checkout all the latest lashes and lash products HERE!

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