My Amazon Must-Haves

I like to think of myself as an “Amazon Aficionado”. I’ve spent more hours than I care to share researching, reading reviews, and testing products from the site and feel like I have quite the collection of gems everyone needs to be ordering!! I mean, those daily packages and visits from the UPS man are justified if it’s for the greater good of this community…. right?? 🤣

My husband believes we are single-handedly keeping Jeff Besos in business…what can I say, that one swipe with the “BUY NOW” button is just too easy!! The upside of my lack of Amazon willpower for you is that I have found some hidden treasures that are not only budget friendly but are also so good I buy them again and again!!

Each item listed here I have, love, and use regularly or it didn’t make the cut!! I hope this list is helpful and is a resource you can come back to for reference when you are ready to try something new in each category.

I can’t wait to hear which ones you try; let me know in the comments which are your favorites and share the Amazon items not included that you love and swear by too! I’ll draw a random lucky winner to get a $50 amazon gift card from me to try out some of these amazing products!!! I have a feeling this is just part one, because my “research” and PRIME adventuring are far from over. 😉 Enjoy!

#1. Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask
I use this every morning and night and always have a backup because it’s too good to run out!  

#2. Palmer’s Lip Balm
This is in my purse and car. I use it throughout the day; it moisturizes, smells amazing and is such a bargain. Because it’s clear it is also a great option for guys and kids. My family loves this stuff, we have tubes everywhere!

#3. Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner
It’s more expensive, but worth the price! It cleans brushes in seconds and leaves them dry, it’s incredible!!  

#4. Banila Clean It Zero
The best cleansing balm - I use it every single night. It cleans and hydrates my skin and is so easy to travel with! If you haven’t tried a balm face wash yet, this budget friendly option is a must have!

#5. Almond Shower Oil
Treat yourself, and turn your bathroom into a spa visit or at least make it feel like one! This is a splurge but so dreamy and worth every penny. My skin feels so soft and I give this all the credit!

#6. Body Lotion
Another Palmer’s product - I can’t help it, their stuff is that good.

#7. Palmer’s Coconut Scrub
I use this twice a week and my skin has never looked better. It’s smooth, smells amazing, and the price is so good!! You’ll be a believer too!

#1. Warner’s Wire Free Bra
Best bra hands down!! Trust me, it’s not fancy but it is the most comfortable I’ve ever worn!!

#2. Seamless Cami
I wear this daily under tees and tanks, and love it!! It smooths and holds you in but is still comfortable enough to wear daily!

#3. Bow Heels
Every girl needs a great, fun shoe and this bow heel is mine! Super affordable and so much fun!! I wear them with dresses and jeans alike! Get ready for all the compliments, these shoes are show stoppers! I have several colors!  

#4: Two Piece Swimsuit
Super flattering and covers nicely, plus lots of color options!

#5: Fuzzy Slippers
Not too hot but so darn comfy!! I love mine so much!! They also make a great gift!

#6: Orolay Winter Jacket
I know it’s not winter, but save this for the fall. This jacket is a favorite of mine; it’s so warm and super cute on! I have the tan color and am thinking about adding another it’s that good!

#1: Kerastase Oil
A little goes a long way, this will last you months but worth every penny! I use this every single day!

#2: Puff Me Instant Volume
Also known as magic in a bottle!! If you need oomph for your top knot or any style this is my secret weapon!

#3: Generic Lights Shampoo
Keep the brass at bay with this stylist’s secret weapon, generic purple shampoo that works just like the expensive stuff. I use it twice a month and am a believer!

#4: L’Oréal Root Magic
No matter your hair color this is a great quick fix to cover greys and roots in-between hair appointments. I now always keep some on hand.

#5: Revlon Hair Dryer Brush
Dryer and straightener in one tool, my hair looks so sleek when I use this!! Highly recommend!

#6: Bed Head Deep Wave Iron
My current favorite hair tool to spice up any look!! Easy to use and such a fun, sassy look!

#7: Spiral Hair Tie
These hold my hair well and keep it healthy, I have them everywhere in my house, car and office! I’m never without one close by for a quick top knot!

#8: MetaGrip Bobby Pins
The best hands down! They hold any style in place!!

#1: Elderberry Gummies
I take these every single day without fail and believe in the benefits. I’ve taken them religiously for a year and not one sick day!! My kids take them too and I hear no complaints because they taste amazing!  

#2: Vital Proteins
My favorite protein; it goes in every smoothie I make, it fills me up, and it has helped my hair grow so much!

#3: Gallon Water Bottle
I know drinking the water should be easy, but why is it so hard to get it all in?? I wish I knew the answer, but this bottle helps!!

#4: Liquid IV
Getting in all the water we should be drinking is hard, but I really think these packets help!!

#5: Workout Bands
Inexpensive and easy to use, these bands can turn even your small, at-home space into a great workout area!

#6: Exercise Sliders
Another great tool to get your sweat on at home!! They work!!

#1. Yeti Insulated Mug
Coffee is necessary and my first cup each day has to be hot, then I switch to iced. 🤣 This cup keeps my coffee hot for so long. I use mine every single day!

#2. Frother
Mix in your collagen or make fancy coffee at home with this budget friendly tool. My kids love it too for hot chocolate! Win win!

#3. Silk Pillow Case
I started using a silk pillow case when I began hair training and it makes a huge difference protecting my hair while I sleep.

#4. Cleaning Gel
Computer keyboards, electronics, even car cup holders - this stuff is incredible!!!

#5. Shark Steam Mop
With kids and a dog this is the one thing that keeps our house liveable! The grime it gets off the floors with one pass is insane!

#6. Pet Hair Broom
If you have animals, this broom is a must-have! It gets hair off rugs, couches, clothes, and floors.

#1. Closet Clips
These are a lifesaver for keeping my ever growing boot collection organized and stored off the ground. Helps maximize space!

#2. Sunglasses Organizer
I have a sunglasses problem…not the number, that’s never a problem, but keeping them organized was difficult until I found this case. I have 6 of these and swear by them to keep my glasses organized and scratch free in my drawer.

#3. Clear Makeup Bags
Great for travel or organizing products for storage and you can’t beat the price!!

#4. Retractable Sharpie
Silly but true, I love these!!! I’m a list person and these are my favorite. I order them by the box and love a fresh, new Sharpie. There’s something very satisfying about using one fresh from the box!

#5. Aztec Rug
My favorite rug in my office is another great Amazon find and I get so many compliments.

#6. Gold and Glass Shelf
This was one of the first pieces I bought for my office and I designed everything else around it! it’s still a favorite!!! Lots of style for not a lot of cash.

#1: Go Kart Attachment
This took last year’s Christmas gifts and gave them renewed life and fun!! They are a blast!!

#2: Kid’s Gratitude Journal
A fun way to teach a lifelong practice.

#3: Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza
An easy game you can take anywhere and it’s fun for the whole family!

#4: Hoverboard
Be prepared to have your kids show you up in seconds… and warning don’t break a hip! We don’t recover like we once did. 🤣

#1: Skinny Syrups Coconut
The best sugar-free syrups I’ve ever found. I use the coconut in Diet Coke and the vanilla and mocha flavors in both hot and iced coffee with cream.

#2: Cinnamon Bears
If you think you’ve tried this gummy candy, think again - these are next level good! It’s the only brand I’ll eat, they are just that good!

#3: International Chewy Candy
I fell in love with these on my trip to China and thanks to Amazon I can still get them once in a while as a special treat!! They are worth the purchase!!  


I love to use the WISH LIST feature in Amazon to save products and items I want to try in the future. You just scroll down under the price on the listing, tap “add to list”, then Wish List It makes it easy to save them for later. This way I can remember the recommendations and go back later when it works for me and do some more looking around or just checkout. Also it’s a great list to pull from if you share a PRIME account with your spouse… you can easily purchase items they actually want with a simple click!

Cheers to stress free gift giving!!

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