My Story: How I Built My Business

YOU are the best boss you will EVER HAVE! I believe that with every cell in my body. If you are motivated and determined, no one else will fight for your dreams like you will!
I grew up with parents who were entrepreneurs; I saw their hard work and sacrifice to build a successful business, but I didn’t catch the bug until later on in life. Like most young adults of my generation, I went to college because my parents had not and that was just what you were supposed to do, right?? I worked hard, got good grades, got an internship, and then got a job. Don’t get me wrong I loved what I did, being a journalist up until that point was what I always wanted to do, and I was achieving that goal for sure! But my efforts were helping the TV station I worked for reach their ratings and revenue goals…I was helping someone else achieve their dreams and not fully living my own.
Fast forward 6 years later, that leap was the best decision I have ever made for our family! I will never pretend being a business owner is easy! There is no “get rich quick” business anywhere - running your own business takes hard work, sacrifice, and getting back up time and time again when you stumble! But those sacrifices are not for someone else, like the TV company I worked for years ago, they are for our family and our dreams and our future. When building your own dreams is the end result, I believe you will go the extra mile to see those dreams achieved because YOU ARE IN CONTROL!

You are reading this because you are curious, so how does it work?

When people ask me what I do, it’s simple to explain. “I own a clothing boutique, selling incredible clothing in person and online, through a boutique at my home. I exclusively carry a brand I love, called LuLaRoe.”

I buy beautiful product wholesale from LuLaRoe and share it with my customers all over the country. I’m in control of my hours and my results. No waiting for a monthly paycheck or percentage, when I share these pieces the sales are deposited in my bank immediately.



To join, you need a sponsor: someone to help you learn the products and system and to help coach you on building your confidence and consistency as a business owner, and in turn your success. I love that within our team and the entire LuLaRoe community there is so much encouragement and support for one another. We truly believe in the acronym of T.E.A.M. Together Everyone Achieves More! We link arms, share ideas, lift each other up when we are down, and celebrate those amazing wins together! At the end of the day it is one hundred percent YOUR EFFORT AND ACTIONS that will determine your success in this - or any - business. If you are willing to learn and work hard, you will not be alone! You will always have a support system, it’s just how we operate!

We currently have a team of close to 1,000 men and women all over the country building strong businesses, and we support their efforts with weekly trainings and challenges. We are currently accepting new business owners to our team, but space is limited each month to be able to give the proper time and attention to those new retailers.

If you think this type of business is right for you, or if you just have questions, please send me an email! I’d love to get to know you better and see if this business and our leadership might be a good fit for you and your goals. Regardless, I believe in this business and the opportunity for growth that is available to anyone willing to put in the work. Even if it’s not on our team, we hope to have you a part of this incredible LuLaRoe community!


Betting on myself, trusting my gut, and becoming my own boss is a decision I would make over and over again! Is now the time for you too? I can’t wait to connect!

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