Quick & Easy Guide to Posing & Editing Photos

I’m not a professional photographer or an expert on social media, but over the last 6 years I’ve learned a lot through trial and error, building a business online with my iphone. Social media is an amazing FREE tool, but most people aren’t maximizing it. It doesn’t take fancy equipment or expensive photo shoots to standout either!


Whether you run a business online, or just want to take better photos to share with friends and family, here are a few simple tips that I use daily that I know can help take your photos from looking plain to professional right away!


In this video I walk you through the simple steps to take and quickly edit your cell phone photos. I taught my daughter how to take my photos out of necessity while my husband was deployed; she’s a rock star at it and I know you can quickly master it too!!

I hope this video is helpful, I can’t wait to see the photos you take! Click through to the video description to see all the links and resources I use. Be sure to tag me and let me know what video you want to see next!

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