At-Home Root Touch-Up Tips

Getting my “natural blonde”, as I like to call it, touched up is something I look forward to every 6-8 weeks. That fresh, bright color always makes me feel unstoppable. But during quarantine, salon visits stopped and my “natural blonde” quickly became anything but blonde and a whole lot of natural! 🤣

Letting my husband take a go at it, like I’ve seen several brave women do, was NOT happening! I mean, he’s a great guy, but hair color is for sure not in his “wheel house”! Instead, I reached out to my stylist friends for the best temporary at-home products to keep these roots at bay until I could get back to my professional salon!

They recommended a spray and powder, so I bought both and put them to the test!

First up, this Magic Root Cover Up from L’Oreal which works for brunettes and blondes alike; it’s a fine spray and is so easy to use. Just part your hair and lightly spray those areas where the grow out or grays are obvious. This doesn’t completely cover the dark roots on blondes, but it for sure blurs those harsh lines and is a great option. For darker hair colors, my stylist friends tell them they completely cover! I’ll for sure keep a can of this on hand to help stretch those last days between colors.

Next up is the powder, this is the Style Edit Blonde Perfection, it comes in a pot with an applicator, and you lightly rub it on the hair you want to cover. It is buildable and you can put it exactly where you want to cover. Great for near you natural part, or around your hairline when you wear it in a too knot. This product comes in all hair shades too, I’m using the light blonde. It is a bit more expensive than the spray, but a little goes a long way and it’s a great option if you want more precise coverage.


In the AFTER PIC the left side is the powder the right is spray. They are super similar in color and both work great. The powder is a more matte finish, the spray has a bit more shine it really is a toss up, I like and recommend both!


As your roots grow out you also lose some of that brightness from your last color visit, so my stylist friends gave me some expert advice to help draw attention away from your roots and make the color you already have look its best… TONE!!

If you tone the brassiness of the blonde at home it helps make that growout a little more bearable! Purple shampoo is a must for all blondes! I’ve used the Kristen Ess version from target for about a year and love it. But. I’m always looking for even more budget friendly options for you all, and believe it or not my stylist friends recommend this generic purple shampoo!! They say it’s just as good as the expensive versions. I put it to the test and totally agree!!! I use it now once or twice a month and it makes a huge difference in between salon visits.


I’m excited to get to finally head back to my favorite stylist and get this “natural blonde” brightened up next week! But for sure will keep these products on hand for use in between visits from now on!

 I hope both my blonde and brunette babes alike found this helpful! If you try it, let me know what you think!! Cheers to having some more tools in our tool box to use between color appointments, without doing any permanent damage our professional stylists will hate us for later! 😉

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