Best Winter Shoes and Boots!

It’s no secret, I have a thing for shoes!! I love them! Much to my husbands dismay, I have acquired quite the collection! Our move to Montana only encouraged my need to expand and add even more winter and snow options. I get asked a lot which are my favorites so I put together a list!! From casual, to dressy, to functional, to fun, I have and love all of these and hope you do too!!  

It can be hard to know when to splurge on a shoe that will last and when to grab the bargain. For years I bought inexpensive tall boots especially, and always replaced them the next year - frustrated that they didn’t last. Through a lot of trial and error I have a great group of winter boot and snow options that fit every budget. From under $30 (the Target boots are half-off right now) to more expansive, investment pieces like Sorel and Freebird that are real leather, incredible quality and will last you for years and years. They seem to only get better with time and well-worn character (plus Freebirds are on sale too right now). The super functional Columbia hiking boots I swear by, especially in the Montana wilderness, and I included wedge booties (in two price points) that are great on everyone! Fashion, function, and everything in between, these are winter shoes I own and love!! Enjoy!

I hope you find this winter boot and shoe guide helpful! Let me know your go-to shoes for cold weather in the comments!

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