It just feels right for this, my first blog post here on Love Lindsey to introduce myself. I'm a military wife, mom of two kiddos age 8 and 10 and I own a very busy clothing boutique! If you hang around here very long you'll quickly see I thrive on the chaos, or just like to make things more difficult. Honestly, I'm not sure which but the thriving part sounds better so we will go with that ;)
But this is where I am now, and I always feel like the story that gets you here is most important so here goes. Before becoming a mom I was a television reporter for ABC news. I loved my job! As much as I talk I figured someone should pay me to do it, and they did. I moved up through the markets quickly, covering major events, interviewing Presidents and celebrities, but then I married a hunky army special forces soldier and we had our son Braxton. It's crazy how your priorities can change in an instant. I was so sure I could do it ALL!! Wife, mom, award winning journalist! Can you relate? ;) But wow was I wrong, my husband was always gone, we had no family nearby and at his first birthday I realized was losing my passion for my work a little but more each day when I dropped him off at daycare. So I walked away from an incredible career to the shock of my bosses and family. After all that schooling and years of hard work, I was too afraid to tell my dad, so I found out on Facebook when a coworkers posted photos of my going away party and a family member saw them... haha! But I trusted my gut, I knew it was the right choice for me, and I was RIGHT!
But I won't lie, it was so SCARY! At the same time we moved across the country from Virginia to a new military base near Seattle, Washington where I knew no one. Oh yeah and I was big and pregnant with our daughter. Hormones, a move, no support system, major life changes, yep I told you I "thrive on chaos", case in point. It was a crazy time, but looking back it was the first step in getting us to where we are today, and I could not be more grateful for it!
Shortly after my daughter was born I took a leap and started my boutique. 2 kids under two, still no support system and my husband deployed, but remember love a good challenge ;) Wow, were there challenges, but they formed me into who I am today and I wouldn't take a single one back!
It's pretty wild to think back and see where these last 5 years have taken us, my husband is now retired from special forces, we started a charity Operation Artemis to give back to military families, I've traveled the country and beautiful parts of world because of LuLaRoe, served tens of thousands of customers and helped train thousands of retailers to grow their businesses as well.
Now, we have this incredible new adventure to connect with even more friends here online. So get ready for fashion tips, incredible finds and hopefully you leave with some tangible tips and positivity to tackle your day. There's too much self doubt and negativity already in the world. My mission is to use this platform to bring some light, a little laughter (we don't take ourselves too seriously around here) and yes LOVE to anyone who comes across this site! I want all women to have the confidence to believe in themselves, know that they are loved and chase whatever dream sets their soul on fire. I know chasing that for myself, has made me the happiest I have EVER been and I want that for each and every one of you! So if you are looking for styling, or some encouragement to live your best life, I'm honored to have you here! Welcome to our community!

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